Professor Dr. Stefan Okruch and Thomas Buemsen LLM MBA have been teaching Finance together at Andrássy University Budapest in various formats over the last years. In 2016, they started "Entrepreneurial Finance for New Technology Ventures" and "Innovate, but how?" as a new format for bringing academics, traditional corporates and start-ups together to talk about collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship in a unique setting. At each event, more than 100 participants spent 2 days and nights together and shared their insights in a mix of lectures, case studies and panel discussions.

Andrássy University Budapest (AUB) was founded in 2001 by Hungary, Germany, Austria, Bavaria, and Baden-Württemberg. The AUB is "University of National Excellence" in Hungary and is the only university abroad, which is system-accredited in Germany. The 1:7 relation of professors to students allows studies in small groups. Students from more than 25 nations provide intercultural exchange. Home of the Andrassy University Budapest is the historical Festetics Palota.

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Also "How to Innovate in big companies" is an official lecture for 30 students at Andrássy University Budapest.

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More information about "Entrepreneurial Finance for New Technology Ventures" you can find here.

More information about "How to innovate in big companies?" you can find here.