Smart People Innovation Event


November 2019


Brody Studios

After 4 successful innovation events in 2016, 2017 and 2018 we will be back with our 5th edition of Smart People bringing traditional corporates, start-ups and venture capital together in Budapest to talk about digital eco-systems, collaboration and company building in a unique setting. Around 250 participants will spend 2 days together and share their insights in a mix of keynotes, case studies, workshops, product demos and panel discussions.

Conference  "Corporate Innovation 2.0"

In the last years we have seen a massive hype about innovation and digital transformation. Startups were founded and well funded in order to disrupt the traditional corporate world. Indeed some of them like Uber or AirBnB really changed the rules in their industries.   


Many corporates reacted to this threats by setting up venture capital funds or investing directly in startups. They established incubators, accelerators, bootcamps, innovation labs and many other fancy kinds of organizational units dealing with digital transformation. With the Global Digital Factories we definitely reached new levels of innovation. However, the results are not that impressive. The investments that are spent on innovation activities often generate only poor returns. Why? 


Innovation without execution is only ideation! 


We at Smart People believe, that companies in Hungary have to make the next step in the innovation process. They have to ensure that the new ideas coming from innovation activities create value for customers and meet their needs in a way that is also profitable for the company. Therefore we focus at our next innovation event on execution and how companies can grow a disruptive innovation next to the core business. Topics we cover:

  • Digital strategy: does your business model enable innovation and give the agility to be disruptive?
  • Leadership and culture
  • Innovation organization and processes 
  • Collaboration with tech startups and established tech companies
  • ...

Companies in Hungary have the chance to learn from markets in which the developments in innovation and digital transformation started earlier. They can learn from successes, but also from failures. 


We at Smart People will present again many brilliant speakers sharing their experience about what makes the difference.

When and where?

21st and 22nd of November 2018 at Brody Studios, Vörösmarty u. 38, 1064 Budapest

The feedback we received about our last Smart People Innovation Events in May/November 2016 and April 2017 was amazing. Mosaik Startup Hub proved to be the living room for Budapest's emerging startup community and provided the right atmosphere for corporates, startups, investors and academics to talk about collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship. However, as our community is growing, we decided to move to a bigger place. We were looking for something cool, something offering various rooms for keynotes, workshops, meetings and something special for the afterparty. We found Brody Studios and we are happy that the Brody Studios team hosts us for our 2 event days. 


"The Corporate Startup" at Brody Studios on 21st and 22nd of November 2018.